You would have to create the following types of videos for sure with the help of a video production company.

Instructional videos

On some occasions, you may have to teach your employees and other people about a process that they should do accordingly. As it is not practically possible to teach the same thing whenever it is required, you can capture the training session as a video and can stream it to the employees when they need training.

Product demonstration

Let us assume that you are about to launch a new product in the market that no one has seen before. Else, you can consider that you are pitching a product idea to an investor. In both cases, the viewers will get convinced only if they can visualize the ability or usage of the product. A product demonstration video can be helpful in this.

Investor pitch

Before you can raise funds from investors, you should show them everything about your idea or business as a whole. Although there are several written forms of presenting these ideas, your pitch will be highlighted if you use videos. A simple video can deliver enormous content to the investors in the best way possible.

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