When you need to relocate your freight, you must carefully research an auto transporting company and the process involved to understand everything related to vehicle shipping. Whether it is your beloved old car or an antique car, you want to avoid the least damage to it and have the safest car shipping experience.

You can visit Ship a Car, Inc. online and request an affordable and reliable shipping quote for your car. Having based in Florida and with over 30 years of shipping experience, they can help you to ship safely and cost-effectively anything ranging from a classic car to heavy industrial equipment. They have a widespread network of trusted shippers to help you ship across the U.S.A.

What is auto transport?

An auto transport is a safe car shipping service provided by the FMCSA licensed companies. It involves a lot of different stages, freight professionals, and planning to relocate anything. They provide a wide range of services to suit your requirement and budget. Your freight is loading on a specially built heavy truck or carrier to move your vehicles from one point to the other.

An auto transport company saves your precious time so that you can focus on your business and have a hassle-free vehicle relocation.

What are the exclusive transporting processes?

Getting trusted, reliable, and safe auto transport services may seem a tough task until you understand completely how they operate. Here are some points to understand auto transporting.

  1. Finding the right auto transport company

You can browse online to research the nearest and most experience shippers. Read their past customers’ reviews to check their service compatibility. Visit BBB and FMCSA websites to check their service license, insurance policies, and service reviews.

  1. Factors affecting the cost of shipment

The price of shipping your vehicle depends on lots of factors including the car’s make and model, its condition, the distance between the pickup address and drop-off address, the vehicle’s size and weight, and the type of transport you have opted for.

  1. Types of transport methods they offer

Generally, there are four basic methods of transporting services every shipping has to offer for you. An enclosed carrier type is the safest method to ship your antique or luxurious car. It is more expensive, but the car will not be exposed to the outside elements like dust or dirt. The open carrier method is a bit less expensive and so the car will be exposed to outside elements as it is loaded on an open trailer.

Door-to-Door delivery methods are expensive and transfer the liability to the transport company to pick up and drop off your vehicle at the addresses chosen by you. Whereas a terminal-to-terminal service requires you to drop off your car at the terminal and retrieve it from the destination terminal.

  1. Prepare your car for pickup

Before rendering your car to the shipper, wash your car to remove all the dirt and dust and take clear pictures from all directions. Disable all alarms and electrical gadgets. Make a thorough inspection to identify any transit damages to claim your insurance.

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