At this point in time, everybody wants to be popular in their own circles of life. Social media networks have made everything worse because now everybody can actually become popular. Not that it is a bad thing to be popular, but I’m just wondering kind of society we will be living in if everybody actually became popular. Anyway, that is none of my business so I’ll just focus on letting you know what you can do to actually become popular on Instagram. Maybe you can apply some of the strategies I am going to discuss below to increase your popularity on other social media networks too.

No matter what they tell you or what you read on the Internet, the secret to becoming popular on Instagram lies in being able to get as many free followers as possible. The more followers you have, the bigger your influence will be and that is what we call popularity.

The first tip for being more popular on Instagram is to ensure that people can actually find your account when they search for it on the platform. This is kind of just common sense, but I thought it would make me cooler to mention it. To make your account capable of being found in a search, you need to make it public. That can be done easily in the settings. Making your account public is important because most people usually prefer to see some of your previous content first before they make the decision to follow you. No one is going to follow you based on a single post no matter how good it is. They will go through your account to see what you have been posting historically before they follow you and they can do that if you set your account to private.

Closely related to the previous point, is making interesting posts. Like I said in the previous subtitle, people have a tendency of perusing through other people’s accounts before they make the decision to follow them. If you have good content on your account, you will attract and retain more Instagram users and that is how you grow your followership.

Making one interesting post after every two months won’t be enough to get you free followers on Instagram. You need to be consistent with how you make your posts. Schedule your posts so that you make your followers to anticipate it. As they anticipate your content to drop, they will ask their friends and family to wait with them and the minute it actually drops, you will have thousands of likes in a minute. That is growth!

Instagram is a social media platform and that means that your success significantly depends on other people. The same way, the success of others depends on you. As a result, you should make your efforts to grow on Instagram a team effort by contributing to the success of other people so that they can also in turn contribute to yours. You will need to research and follow some of the most popular users on the platform within your industry. This way, you make yourself known to their followers, who may in turn follow you.

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