March is the perfect time to shake off the winter blues and get into the spring mood. Waking up to the sound of chirping birds, rays of sunshine peeking through the window in the morning, the fresh spring air…Yes, please!

Here’s how I like to prep for the new season:

Closet detox

First things first: right in time for the new season I always do a big closet clean out. I throw everything I have on a pile and carefully sort things out. Only the stuff I really love goes back into my closet, the rest needs to go. Which, in this case, resulted in a re-stocked Tictal shop, too! There are some lovely items there including some almost new Chanel pants and some Serengeti sunglasses.

Fresh flowers for the home

Nothing says spring quite like a fresh bunch of blossom twigs, tulips, or any other floral decoration for the home. Magnolia branches are my current favourite, and I recently discovered that my neighbours have a whole tree in their garden…Perhaps I’ll “borrow” a few.

Change up the interior

Be it by adding something new or just moving the furniture around a little, a small interior change always gets me super excited. Even getting myself crispy new sheets for the bed can put a big smile on my face.

Have a haircut

This one is on top of my list actually, (and has been for a while), but I just can’t seem to figure out what I want. Anyway, a fresh ‘do can totally lift my spirits.

Fuelling up my workout routine

It’s time to get that bod in shape for summer! I’ve been working out on the regular lately and I’m planning on taking things up a notch this spring. Probably going to add a weekly swim to my routine, as that is something I always enjoy.

How do you like to prep for spring? Any special routines?