Before going deep into bridesmaid dresses one should first know about bridesmaid, many people confuse this term and assume that it is that maid appointed for the bride but that is not the case here. Bridesmaid is the one who accompanies the bride throughout the wedding ceremony; duties of bridesmaid vary according to the customs. In many countries, bridesmaid has to accompany bride, plan her wedding ceremony, select dress for her, collect flowers and much more to do but in Norway or British culture for collecting flowers flower girl is appointed, hence these two roles are divided.

While in some countries it is mandatory to appoint a small girl who is not ofmarriageable age as a bridesmaid but many customs have a mandatory rule of appointing someone of marriageable age hence customs and traditions vary from one region to another. The only thing one needs to keep in mind is she has to be with the bride, as bride dresses up beautifully similarly bridesmaid is also required to reflect her appearance, after all, she too has a very crucial role to play during entire wedding process, hence bridesmaid dressesalso hold great importance. So here we will discuss further more about bridesmaid dressesin this article. As bridesmaid is a star of the show her dress should also be like a star, at the same time it should not take away all the marital bliss of bride so basically it should not overshadow bride’s look yet it should look beautiful.

So how to select bridesmaid dresses?

Generally selecting a dress for a bridesmaid is a fun process and one can always enjoy it thoroughly, but after such a selectionprocess, it should not go out of proportion. Considering the fact that bridesmaid has to be with bride throughout the wedding ceremony her dress should also complement bride, if bridesmaid dressesjust don’t match with bride then it would reflect the wrong message for other guests present in the ceremony, so the main point is it should be matching with the bride. Now just matching of the dresses is not enough, weather and climate should also be taken into consideration while choosing a dress and this is applicable for the bride as well because if you won’t choose a dress according to the season and weather then you might land up into some trouble and this situation is not desirable. A bride and bridesmaid are expected to be the center of attention and if dresses start troubling then your entire look could get ruined and due to this your confidence level may also get low because fashion and look is all about comfort,lookelegance and confidence.

Hence bridesmaid dresses should fulfill all these requirements. Moving forward one should always keep one thing in mind that bridesmaid dressesshould be more on simpler and sober appearance because heavy fabric work can get a bit complicated at times because bridesmaid has a lot of things to do and for that, you should be comfortable enough to do other works. If your dress gets heavy then it would become tough for you to carry it and could also raise hindrance between your tasks, hence choose wisely and according to the demand. So this was all about bridesmaid dresses.

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